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Lives changed.  Joy found.

A camping experience that makes a difference.


We're glad you're here

Teen Reach Adventure Camp is a unique camping experience designed for teens ages 12-15 that are in, or have been, in foster care.  

This coming year's camp dates are:


GIRLS: Aug 7-9, 2020 (Fri-Sun)

BOYS:  Aug 7-9, 2020 (Fri-Sun)

A camping experience to remember

A camp is only 3 days, but it goes by fast!  We show our campers a great time, and we do it by demonstrating what healthy relationships look and feel like.  And while we're at it, we help them develop important life skills along the way. 


How you can get involved

Volunteer! Think of the impact you can have.  Click here for more info.

Donate!  There are several ways to show your support.  Click here.

Sponsor!  Consider a camper sponsership of $250 and help send a kid to camp. Click here.