You are our heroes!


Thank you for considering sending your teen to our camp.  We are a staff of volunteers trained to support the needs of teens that have had some form of abuse, neglect, or abandonment in their lives.  Teenage years are rough enough.  Add to that the trauma they've been through at some point - well, you know how rough that is.  


Our goal at camp is not just to have fun in an encouraging and safe envirnoment, but to teach some life skills as well.  A key component of our camps is a low-challenge course.  While high challenge courses involve learning to trust yourself, low challenge courses are designed to trust in others.  In addition, we try to bring in some skill activity - we may try cooking this year! - just to give them some tools to work with as they get closer to adulthood.  This is a not a 'therapy' is simply a time for campers to feel safe, have fun, be unconditionally loved, and learn some life skills.


Does three days make a difference?  We think so.  We often see positive changes occurring during camp, or soon after.  The real proof is when they come back.  When they can't wait to get off the bus when they see they have the same counselor again, or that "Grandma Dana" is back.  


We would be privileged to have your teen at our camp.  


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