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Please contact us at if you'd like to discuss getting your youth into TRAC.


Please note that we are a camp for the Yamhill County area, and prioritize those teens that are either residing in Yamhill County or has their case managed by DHS Yamhill County.  


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A Shared Heart


At T.R.A.C. we realize that the job of social service workers is very difficult and demanding. Our hope is to offer support to foster children, foster parents and to case workers by providing a proven model for camp especially designed for foster youth. The National Office of Teen Reach Adventure Camp desires to promote a clear understanding of how T.R.A.C. is run and offer detailed information to those who are interested. 

What is our Connection to Social Services? 

We stand with social service workers as they seek to provide a safe environment for foster youth. Our hope is to provide them with an additional tool to help move teens forward in healing from the abuse, abandonment and neglect that they have suffered. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have at

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the ratio of Counselor to Camper? 

A: We have a 2 Camper to 1 Counselor ratio (Sometimes 1 to 1) and a "two deep" rule for Counselors stating that there will always be 2 trained counselors with any teen or group of teens. 

Q: How does T.R.A.C. ensure the safety of the campers? 

A: Along with the insurance required for every camp, all staff and counselors are extensively trained. All camps have a licensed counselor or behavioral specialist and nurse as part of the staff. Everyone working at a camp has an extensive background check done to ensure the integrity of our staff. In addition to these things, the confidentiality of the campers is a priority. We have a trained staff photographer that takes photos during the camp, making sure that each camper receives a photo journal of their week at camp, but these photos are not used in any other manner. Any contact outside of camp happens through a teen's caseworker and personal information never changes hands in the camp setting between campers or campers and counselors. 

Q: What part does faith play at a T.R.A.C. camp?

A: While we are a faith-based organization, we do not proselytize the campers who come to T.R.A.C.